# GiftCard object

# gift_card.balance

The remaining amount in shop currency available on this gift card.

# gift_card.customer

A Customer Object of the customer who bought the gift card.

# gift_card.initial_value

The original amount deposited into the gift card.

# gift_card.code

The unique code for applying this gift card during check out. The code is 16 characters, spaced by dashes. Should be considered a secret.

# gift_card.last_four_characters

Last four characters of the gift card code. Good for refering to the gift card without exposing it.

# gift_card.url

The string URL to access the gift card. This page utilizes templates/gift_card.liquid during rendering.

# gift_card.currency

String currency code of the gift card. Always shop currency.

# gift_card.recipient_name

Optional string for the name of the recipient.

# gift_card.recipient_note

Optional string note for the recipient.

# gift_card.expired

Boolean value whatever the gift card has expired. Will always be false if no expiration date specified. Will not expire if the card is disabled by admin (not the same thing).

# gift_card.enabled

Boolean value whatever the gift card is enabled. Will only be disabled if explicitly done by admin. Will not be disabled if the card expires (not the same thing).