# Order object

# order.balance

Returns the current balance of the order.

# order.billing_address

Returns an address object of the order's billing address.

# order.cart_id

Returns the id of the cart associated with the order.

Example input

<a href="/cart/restore/?token={{ order.cart_id }}">
	Restore cart


The cart_id is only available on orders created after 2019-01-20 14:00 UTC

# order.cogs

Returns the cost of goods sold of the order.

# order.created_at

Returns the timestamp of when the order was created.

# order.currency

Returns the currency of the order.

# order.customer

Returns the customer of the order.

# order.email

Returns the email of the order.

# order.financial_status

Returns one of the following financial statuses of the order.

  • captured
  • paid
  • authorized
  • pending
  • failed
  • unpaid
  • partial-refunded
  • refunded
  • cancelled

# order.financial_status_label

Returns the order.financial_status in a readable format.

# order.fulfillment_status

Returns one of the following fulfillment statuses of the order.

  • fulfilled
  • unfulfilled
  • restocked
  • missing

# order.fulfillment_status_label

Returns the order.fulfillment_status in a readable format.

# order.id

Returns the unique id of the order.

# order.line_items

Returns a collection with the line items of the order.

# order.parent_line_items

Returns a collection with the line items of the order which doesn't have a parent_row.


{% for item in order.parent_line_items %}
    <h3>{{ item.title }}</h3>
    {% for subRow in item.sub_rows %}
    	<p>{{ subRow.title }} +{{ subRow.price | money }}</p>
    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

# order.total_discounts

Return the total discount of the order.

# order.name

Returns the name of the order.

# order.number

Returns the incrementing order number including the order prefix.

Example input

{{ order.number }}

Example output


# order.order_number

Alias of order.number

# order.order_status_url

Returns a URL with the order's tracking link, if it exists.

# order.phone

Returns the phone number of the order.

# order.recurring

Returns true if the order triggered a subscriptions or is a recurring order. Returns false if not.

# order.renewal

Returns true if the order is a renewal of the subscription. Returns false if not.

# order.shipping_address

Returns an address object of the order's shipping address.

# order.shipping_description

Returns a description of the shipping option chosen for the order.

# order.shipping_method

Returns the name of the order's shipping method.

# order.shipping_price

Returns the shipping price of the order.

# order.subscription

Returns subscription of the order, if it is a recurring order.

# order.subtotal_price

Returns the subtotal price of the order.

# order.tax_price

Returns the tax price of the order.

# order.tax_rate

Returns the tax rate of the order.

# order.total_price

Returns the total price of the order.

# order.total_refunded

Returns the total refunded price of the order.

# order.transactions

Returns a collection with the transactions of the order.