# Variant object

# variant.available

Returns true if there is availability in stock for the variant. Returns false if not.

# variant.barcode

Returns the barcode number of the variant.

# variant.compare_at_price

Returns the price of the variant for comparing purposes.

# variant.discounted

Returns true if the price has been discounted. Returns false if not.

Returns the URL of the variant featured image.

# variant.id

Returns the unique id of the variant.

# variant.inventory_management

Returns the inventory management system (normal, collection, none) of the variant.

# variant.inventory_policy

Returns the inventory policy of the variant.

# variant.is_recurring

Returns true if it triggers a subscription. Returns false if not.

# variant.option_values

Returns an array of the possible values of the options of the variant.

# variant.price

Returns the price of the variant.

# variant.product

Returns the product of the variant.

# variant.product_title

Returns the title of the variant for search engines.

# variant.product_title

Returns the quantity of the variant. Returns null if inventory_management is set to none.

# variant.requires_shipping

Returns true if the variant requires shipping. Returns false if not.

# variant.sku

Returns the SKU of the variant.

# variant.taxable

Returns true if taxes are applied to the variant. Returns false if not.

# variant.title

Returns the title of the variant.

# variant.trigger

Returns the first subscription trigger.

# variant.triggers

Returns an array with all subscription triggers.

# variant.volume_prices

Returns an array with all the prices applied to higher volumes.

# variant.weight

Returns the weight of the variant.